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From pump stations to treatment plants, backup power systems are critical in maintaining community water services.

The wastewater treatment plant in Glasgow, Montana serves over 3,000 people in a city 4 ½ hours away from a metropolitan center. This case study details how ASCO Power solutions helped the city experience high levels of power reliability and availability.
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ASCO New Energy Landscape

Navigating The New Energy Landscape

Different power generation, distribution, and consumption models are arising to increase resilience and sustainability. This paper describes solutions that help facilities meet power objectives and overcome emerging challenges.
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Explore industry-leading power products

ASCO Automatic Transfer Switch

Transfer Switches

Enhance power resilience by transferring electrical loads to alternate power sources.

Power Control Systems

Parallel multiple generators and optimize management of power sources and loads.

Power Control & Monitoring

Real-time power information on the go.

Quick Connect Products

Simplify generator and load bank access even without a permanent generator.

Meet critical power objectives

ASCO Power solutions enable water and wastewater treatment facilities to increase uptime and provide the demands of their community. They maintain continuity of service and operations, aid compliance, and maximize service life.

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Increase Reliability

Enhance reliability to maintain service levels, community safety, and customer satisfaction.
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Understand Power Conditions and Events

Receive real-time notices of power events, even from unmanned facilities such as pump stations.

Transfer Large Inductive Loads

Promote safety and maintain operational continuity with solutions that mitigate inrush currents.
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Manage Low and Medium Voltage Power Sources and Loads

Optimize capacity and reliability for facilities.

Find unparalleled services for mission-critical power equipment

Drive power availability by working with ASCO Power engineers who provide advanced design and maintenance services for any emergency power application.

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