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ASCO 7000 Series Automatic Transfer Switch

Automatic Transfer Switches

Automatic Transfer Switches transfer loads to an alternate power source such as generators without operator input.
ASCO's range of bypass isolation transfer switches

Bypass Isolation Transfer Switches

Premium transfer switch technology enables bypass and isolation of the transfer mechanism for service without interrupting power to loads.
ASCO's range of manual transfer switches

Manual Transfer Switches

Simple, cost-efficient switches for operator-initiated load transfer, with optional integrated quick connects.
ASCO service entrance transfer switches

Service Entrance Transfer Switches

Transfer switches with integrated utility service breakers require less space, streamline installation, and reduce overall installed cost.
ASCO 4000 series paralleling switchgear application shot

Custom Transfer Switches

Custom designs provide full load switching capabilities and features such as integrated distribution breakers, bus riser compatibility, and power metering.

Featured Products

ASCO 7000 Series Automatic Transfer Switch

7000 SERIES Automatic Transfer Switch

Our most advanced solution for transferring all types of load in mission critical applications.
ASCO 7000 Series Bypass Isolation Transfer Switch

7000 SERIES Bypass Isolation Transfer Switch

Bypass and isolation capabilities enable transfer switch maintenance without disrupting power flow.
ASCO Series 300 transfer switch with integrated quick connects

SERIES 300 Manual Transfer Switch with Integrated Quick Connects

A versatile solution for connecting portable and temporary power sources to distribution systems.
ASCO 4000 Series Automatic Transfer Switch

4000 SERIES Automatic Transfer Switch

Advanced transfer switch technology and premium performance in preconfigured models that ship quickly.

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Digital Binder

View all our transfer switch brochures, data sheets, and technical documents in one place.

Transfer Switch Comparator

Compare features across ASCO's comprehensive range of generator transfer switches.
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Find a Drawing

Download the latest drawings and wiring diagrams for our automatic and manual transfer switches.

Technical Briefs


UL Standards for Manual Transfer Switches

This Tech Brief compares UL 98 testing to the more rigorous UL 1008 testing requirements and explains how the more rugged standard is best-suited for increasing backup power availability and reliability of your generator transfer switch.

Basic Timing Delays for Load Transfer

Read our Tech Brief to learn about their important role in switching electrical loads between power sources.

When to Separately Ground a Backup Generator

Power distribution systems with a backup generator can be served by either a single grounding electrode for the entire system or a second electrode at the generator. The Tech Brief very simply describes when each configuration is necessary.
  • 7000 SERIES Transfer Switch Overview

    ASCO 7000 SERIES transfer switches provide industry-leading solutions for transferring critical loads to emergency power sources.
  • Technical FAQs

    How do generator Automatic Transfer Switches communicate with control systems via Modbus?
  • Automatic Transfer Switch Selection Basics

    Low-voltage automatic transfer switches (ATSs) are available in a wide range of ampacities and features. Our white paper entitled ATS Selection Basics surveys common configuration options, and identifies the types of information needed to select an automatic transfer switch.
  • 4000 SERIES Electrically Operated Bypass

    Overview of the features and availability of the 4000 SERIES Electrically Operated Bypass Transfer Switch.


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Commercial Buildings

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