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Welcome to the ASCO Website

Welcome to our website.

Critical Power Solutions for Healthcare

Transfer Switches

ASCO 6180 resistive reactive load bank testing a diesel generator

Load Banks

ASCO paralleling switchgear installation

Power Control Systems

ASCO Power control and monitoring system

Critical Power Management Appliances

Services and Support

Address Your Challenges

Increase Reliability

Enhance reliability to maintain life-safety, operational continuity, and regulatory compliance.

Streamline Communications and Compliance

Receive real-time notices of power events, assess trends, and develop responding strategies to improve reliability and control costs.

Simplify Testing & Maintenance

Service critical power equipment to maintain readiness and compliance while reducing downtime.

Maintain Readiness

Inspect and test equipment to maximize readiness.
Service and repair equipment without taking it down.

White Paper - Testing Hospital Backup Power Sources

Technical Brief - Summary of Joint Commission Genset Testing Requirements

Technical Brief - Backup Power for Critical Refrigeration

Code changes after hurricane sandy

White Paper - Code Changes after Hurricane Sandy

NFPA 110 Overview Part 1: Key Requirements for Emergency and Standby Power Systems

NFPA 110 Overview Part 2: Installation, Environment, and Testing

White Paper - UL 1008 Transfer Switch Withstand and Closing Ratings

Automated reporting for emergency power systems

White Paper - Automated Reporting for Emergency Power Systems

Technical Brief - NEC Requirement for Permanent Manual Switching Means

White Paper - Benefits of Custom-Engineered Transfer Switches

White Paper - Switching the Neutral Conductor

ASCO 7000 SERIES Automatic Transfer Switches

7000 Series Automatic Bypass-Isolation Transfer Switches

SERIES 300 Manual Transfer Switch with Quick-Connects

7000 SERIES Power Control Systems

Alternatives to Power Control Switchgear Replacement

White Paper - Modernizing Existing Power Control Systems

White Paper - Power Control System Basics

White Paper - Adverse Effects of Low Load Operation on Diesel Generating Sets

Technical Brief - Temporary Connections for Generators and Load Banks

4000 Series Load Banks

5702 Power Management Gateway

Technical Brief - Streamline Compliance to Concentrate on the Most Important Work

Success Stories

Case Study: Bryan Health

40+ ASCO transfer switches and industry-leading site support means facilty managers sleep well at night.
Learn How ASCO Brings Peace-of-Mind

Case Study: Power System for Proposed Hospital

In the USA, a new hospital turned to ASCO Power Technologies for high reliability, efficient automation, and enhanced compliance.
Read why

Case Study: 30,000 Patients Rely on ASCO Backup Power at Parkview

To ensure reliable power for patients and staff, Parkview Health selected critical power equipment from ASCO Power Technologies.
Learn More

NEC Requirements for Emergency Power Transfer Switching

Articles 700, 701, and 702 of the National Electrical Code govern standby power system installation and use, including transfer switches.
Read the White Paper