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Improving Power Resilience for a Range of Healthcare Facilities

Community Hospitals and Surgical Centers

Power reliability is paramount to healthcare facilities for achieving code compliance, mitigating power-related life safety risks, providing quality community services, and delivering optimal patient satisfaction. With the help of ASCO products and services, facilities can centrally monitor operations and ensure continuity.
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Overcoming Labor-Intensive Reporting

Hospitals that adhere to the Joint Commission criteria regarding emergency power systems can attain accreditation. The ASCO Power Joint Commission Reporting Package offers features such as continuous data logging and real-time feedback to streamline backup power testing for compliance.
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ASCO New Energy Landscape

Navigating The New Energy Landscape

As the demand for more resilient and sustainable power sources continues to grow, new ways of generating, distributing, and using power are coming to the forefront. This paper highlights several solutions that help to both meet energy objectives and tackle developing difficulties.
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Comprehensive healthcare services start with quality critical power products

ASCO Automatic Transfer Switch

Transfer Switches

Enhance power resilience by transferring electrical loads to alternate power sources.

Power Control Systems

Parallel multiple generators and optimize management of power sources and loads.

Power Control & Monitoring

Real-time power information on the go.

Quick Connect Products

Simplify generator and load bank access even without a permanent generator.

Get comprehensive local support services

Drive power availability by working with ASCO Power engineers who provide advanced design and maintenance services for any emergency power application.

Tackle Power Challenges Head On

ASCO Power solutions enable healthcare facilities to gain power resilience and improve power availability. They maintain continuity of service and operations, aid compliance, and maximize equipment service life.

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Increase Reliability

Maximizing power availability helps provide continuous care to patients and minimize interruptions.
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Get Visibility on Power Conditions and Events

Receive real-time notices of power events, even from unmanned facilities such as pump stations.
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Streamline Communications and Compliance

Solutions for testing and automation simplify operations.
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Maintain Readiness

Inspect and test equipment to maximize readiness. Service and repair equipment without going offline.

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Discover How Our Solutions Are Changing The Healthcare Industry

Engineer in a datacenter

Bryan Health

40+ ASCO transfer switches and industry-leading site support means facility managers sleep well at night.

Large Mid-Atlantic Hospital

In the USA, a new hospital turned to ASCO Power Technologies for high reliability, efficient automation, and enhanced compliance.

30,000 Patients Rely on ASCO Backup Power at Parkview

Parkview Health trusts ASCO Power Technologies solutions to provide power availability for mission-critical applications.

Broaden your understanding of backup power solutions

Learn concepts and strategies that improve power continuity. ASCO Power webinars offer backup power education for industry professionals. These learning sessions cover topics such as industry codes and product overviews.
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