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Welcome to the ASCO Website

Welcome to our website.

Critical Power Solutions for Data and Telecom

ASCO 7000 series automatic transfer switches in a facility

Transfer Switches

ASCO 6180 resistive reactive load bank testing a diesel generator

Load Banks

ASCO paralleling switchgear installation

Power Control Systems

Critical Power Management Appliances

Services and Support

Solve Critical Power Challenges

Increase Resilience

Public power outages are not a question of "if", but "when". Maximize system resilience by providing reliable backup power when its needed most.

Preserve Revenue

From e-commerce and cloud-hosted services to the simplest communications that make transctions possible, reliable power is need for every objective.

Streamline Testing

Whether applying supplemental load or automatically documenting equipment performance, creative solutions optimize the testing that is vital to reliability and compliance.

Simplify Maintenance

Bypass-Isolation Transfer Switches and equipment for connecting temporary backup power sources enable maintenance without interrupting power to load.

Maintain Readiness

From real-time power equipment monitoring to best-in-class on-site service, ASCO solutions maximize readiness for power outages and resilience from power events.

White Paper - UL 1008 Transfer Switch Withstand and Closing Ratings

White Paper - Performance Testing for Transfer Switches

White Paper - Power Redundancy Schemes for Data Centers

Automated reporting for emergency power systems

White Paper - Automated Reporting for Emergency Power Systems

White Paper - Transition Modes for Automatic Transfer Switches - Part 1

White Paper - Transition Modes for Automatic Transfer Switches - Part 2

White Paper - Adverse Effects of Low Load Operation on Diesel Generating Sets

White Paper - Applications for Service Entrance Automatic Transfer Switches

White Paper - Applying Loads in Limited Access Facilities and Distributed Environments

White Paper - Power Control System Basics

White Paper - Benefits of Custom-Engineered Transfer Switches

White Paper -Protecting Transfer Switches from Water-Related Damages

White Paper - Benefits of Networking Load Banks

Technical Brief - Temporary Connections for Generators and Load Banks

White Paper - Direct Current Load Banks for Battery Capacity Testing

ASCO 7000 SERIES Automatic Transfer Switches

White Paper - Load Bank Utilization in Data Centers

7000 SERIES Power Control Systems

4000 Series Load Banks

SERIES 300 Manual Transfer Switch with Quick Connects

5702 Power Management Gateway

White Paper - Physical and Operational Security for Transfer Switches

Technical Brief - Differences Between Manual, Nonautomatic, and Automatic Transfer Switches

Technical Brief - Engine Start Monitoring Overview

Technical Brief - NEC Requirement for Permanent Manual Switching Means

Technical Brief - Utility Reliability and Critical Backup Power

Temporary Backup Power for Critical Operations Power Systems

Success Stories

AT&T Anchorage

Upgrades provide 24 x 365 power reliability for 12 cellular telephone sites in Alaska.
Learn How Upgrades Enhanced Reliability

Cyxtera Data Center 2

Best-In-Class Equipment AND Expertise. ASCO improved power reliability and streamlined commissioning of three fiber-linked data centers near Washington, D.C.
Read about the Value of Expert Service

Bluebird Data Center

Modification of Power Control Systems enhanced N+1 operations to achieve Tier III classification and expand this facility.
Find out Why

NEC Requirements for Emergency Power Transfer Switching

Articles 700, 701, and 702 of the National Electrical Code govern standby power system installation and use, including transfer switches.
Read the white paper