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Cloud Data Centers

Ensuring compliance with service-level agreements and maintaining the security of sensitive data necessitates unparalleled power reliability. ASCO Power's line of critical power products supports redundancy strategies and contributes to maximizing uptime.
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Explore industry-leading products

ASCO Automatic Transfer Switch

Transfer Switches

Enhance power resilience by transferring electrical loads to alternate power sources.

Power Control Systems

Parallel multiple generators and optimize management of power sources and loads.

Power Control & Monitoring

Real-time power information on the go.

Quick Connect Products

Simplify generator and load bank access even without a permanent generator.

Solutions for a wide range of data center applications

The ASCO Power solutions offer data centers the ability to bolster their power resilience, ensuring seamless service and operational continuity while also aiding in compliance and maximizing equipment longevity.

Increase Resilience

Outages should be an expected operating condition. Enhance power availability with a backup power system.
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Preserve Revenue

Reliable power is critical to mitigate interruptions and maintain productivity.
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Streamline Testing

Verifying power system performance is essential for resilience. Discover solutions to optimize testing.
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Simplify Maintenance

Service equipment while simultaneously providing backup power availability with Bypass Isolation Transfer Switches.
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Maintain Readiness

Find solutions that help you improve power availability and meet business objectives.

Get comprehensive local support services

Drive power availability by working with ASCO Power engineers who provide advanced design and maintenance services for any emergency power application.

Navigating The New Energy Landscape

Innovative methods of power generation, distribution, and utilization are taking center stage to pave the way for a greener future. This article shares various solutions that meet new energy demands and overcome emerging challenges.
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Power availability. System uptime. Customer satisfaction. Regulatory compliance.

The significance of a data center in daily business operations cannot be understated. This is the nerve center where essential computing and storage processes occur, making it crucial to adopt a data center solution that caters to your organization's unique needs. Opting for the right solution ensures seamless business operations.
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How ASCO Power Helps Boost Uptime

Bluebird Generator

Bluebird Underground Data Center

A colocation data center needed to install and commission critical power equipment with no interruptions for its newly expanded facility. ASCO Power stepped up with decades of expertise to bring equipment online with no interruptions.

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Internet Technology Data Center

A load transfer solution from ASCO Power enabled this leading internet company to construct a resilient facility to transmit and process data without power interruptions.

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