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Welcome to the ASCO Website

Welcome to our website.

What will power generation and consumption look like in the future?

Power systems are changing to adapt to evolving demands, climates, and trends. This document surveys the emerging energy landscape and the value of deploying distributed energy resources in meeting business objectives.
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Migrating Electrical Architecture to the New Energy Landscape

Adopting new electrification architectures enables facilities to transition to a greener future.
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Adapting to a new energy landscape

Watch this Consulting-Specifying Engineer interview series with Russell Senesac to learn about the value of source management in code compliance, sustainability, and power resilience.
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Explore power products for the new energy landscape

SourcePacT Interconnect Source Isolation Switches

Disconnects a facility’s primary power source, usually a utility feed, so that a Battery Energy Storage System can safely supply backup power.

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