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Executive Summary:
The need for operational resilience and low carbon emissions is driving demand for new energy solutions at all levels. Across our “always-on"" world, in businesses that lack the proper backup power and transfer switch architecture, power outages could result in immediate production losses, high restart costs, and reduced operational efficiency. Businesses are also under pressure to trim energy consumption and decarbonize. In this New Energy Landscape, power system equipment manufacturers, utilities, and consumers must work together to devise solutions. This paper analyzes the trends driving businesses and consumers towards adopting new energy architectures and presents options for how engineers can best navigate the transition.

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ASCO New energy landscape

Power Source and Load Management in the New Energy Landscape

This document surveys the emerging energy landscape.
Engineer in a factory

Performance Testing for Transfer Switches

Transfer switch testing offers compliance and power resilience benefits.

Transfer Switch: How To Protect It From Water Damage

Providing transfer switches with adequate protection from water damage helps maintain operability and maximize service life.

Timing Delays for ATS Transition Modes

Learn the difference between the common timing delays and their value.

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