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One device that streamlines BESS deployment for emergency power.

SourcePact is the only product designed to UL 3008 for isolating grid power from battery energy storage systems (BESS). It streamlines BESS deployments and maximizes the value of BESS investments.
ASCO SourcePacT

SourcePact Interconnect Source Isolation Switches

The first available product designed to the new UL 3008 standard.

SourcePacT Benefits

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Enables Resilience

Get the most of your BESS by enabling it to provide backup power during utility outages.
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Increased Sustainability

Use cleaner, lower cost power before starting a backup generator by running battery first.
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Simplified Deployment

Provide grid isolation while easing power system design, installation, and operation using a single standardized device.
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Improved Safety

SourcePacT is designed for UL 3008, factory-tested, single-box solution from the industry leader with more than a century of critical power experience.

Discover SourcePacT Power Source Isolation

The first available Interconnect Source Isolation Switch designed to UL 3008.
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Resources to learn more about Source Isolation Switches

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The Future of Power Generation and Consumption

This document surveys the emerging energy landscape and the value of deploying distributed energy resources in meeting business objectives.
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Migrating Electrical Architecture to the New Energy Landscape

Adopting new electrification architectures enables facilities to transition to a greener future.

Adapting to a New Energy Landscape

Learn about the value of source management in code compliance, sustainability, and power resilience.

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From integration to commissioning, ASCO Power assists facilities with exceptional engineering, support, and service. Our team of application engineers and service experts helps facilities meet and exceed their power objectives.
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