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How to test the rectifier?

A bridge rectifier is composed of diodes. There are two ways to test a diode. A. Through a Diode Test First, make sure to disconnect the white wires and black wires from the bridge rectifier. Then,...

What is a Service Entrance-rated transfer switch?

A service entrance-rated transfer switch is a transfer switch that contains an integrated disconnecting device and meets the grounding and bonding requirements of the National Electrical Code for...

What is the operating temperature of the ATS?

The standard operating temperature of the ATS is from -5 to 40 ºC or 23 to 104º F . For the control panel, the range is from –20 to 60 º C or –4 to 140 º F .

How to set the engine exerciser on Series 300 Transfer Switch with a Group...

The Engine Exerciser can be set from the Group G Controller’s User Interface Screen Navigation Follow the sequence of buttons (in yellow) to get to the Engine Exerciser Menu From the Home/Control...

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What is the difference between in-sync and in-phase?

There is often confusion between the in-phase and the In-sync features of ASCO transfer switches. It is important to understand the difference between these features especially during the process of...

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