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How to Restart (Power Cycle) the Quad Ethernet Module 5140/5170 on the webpage?

To cycle the power without directly interfacing or adjusting the hardware follow the instructions below: 1. Go to the Ethernet Module Configuration Screen in Edit Mode. Input Username and Password if prompted. 2. Select the Advanced tab and click the “Restart QEM” button. 3. The user will get a...

Why is the Group G retrofit controller not accepting the Emergency Source?

This issue is commonly raised on three-phase Series 300 Group 1 units installed with the retrofit Group G controller. The legacy ASCO Series 300 in Group 1 only has two sensing leads on the Emergency source side tapped to the A and C poles. Hence, if the retrofit Group G controller is set to...

How to disable the load shed on an ASCO transfer switch?

The load shed accessory (accessory no. 30XXX) is a factory-mounted option and can be classified as either a contact-driven type or a voltage-driven type. For the contact-driven type, the end-user needs to supply a normally-closed set of contacts to the designated terminals; the opening of which...

How to simulate a wiring fault to test if the ASCO 5101 is working?

After the 5101 has been configured and set accordingly based on the customer’s application, simulate a wiring fault by: 1.) Removing the channel input terminal block on the front of the 5101- Generator module 2. Verify the channel Led indication should change to “RED” 3. The alarm relay should...

How will I know if the Series 300 Grp G unit is capable of three-phase sensing for the Emergency Source?

Units shipped from October 15, 2018 onwards will have the capability for three-phase sensing for the Emergency Source if Accessory 11BE is installed . The 11BE is either factory-installed or field-installed using Kit 935147 . Three-phase sensing will not work for older units and single-phase units...

How to check the compatibility of Group 5 Controller with ASCO 72EE2?

Previously, Series 7000 ATS uses ASCO 72E as its communication/gateway module. In order to qualify the existing Group 5 controller if they are compatible with ASCO 72EE2, we need to check its CP Software Version. ASCO 72EE2 or Quad Ethernet Module Catalog 5170 would be compatible to ASCO 7000 if...

Why is the engine exerciser on the Group G or Group H controller not running on schedule?

ASCO has determined that the Standard Engine Exerciser for Group G or Group H controllers running on CP Software Version 894063- 037 (version 37) does not run on schedule even if enabled and set. The Standard Engine Exerciser is only available on controllers without the 11BE accessory. To verify...

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What is the difference between in-sync and in-phase?

There is often confusion between the in-phase and the In-sync features of ASCO transfer switches. It is important to understand the difference between these features especially during the process of selecting transfer switches for different applications. In-Phase The in-phase monitor is a feature...


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Search and download offer documentation, support information, certificates, CAD and software.

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