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What is the replacement part number for Group 1 Controller used on a 300 Series Transfer Switch?

The Group 1 controller used on the older 300 Series Transfer Switches is obsolete.  A retrofit kit can be purchased to replace the Group 1 with the new Group G controller.

Below are the part numbers for the Group G controller:

Retrofit controller Group G

Warning: Please configure the controller's dipswitch and jumper card to its appropriate voltage, phase and frequency settings before the installation of the controller. Failure to configure the controller dipswitch and jumper card settings may result in arc flash or damage of the equipment. Please refer to the controller's manual no. 381333-400 (refer on the link below) on pages 33-34 for the configuration of dipswitch and jumper blocks for the Group G controller.

For further information regarding the Group 1 to Group G Controller Retrofit Kit, please refer to this LINK

Group G Controller Operator's Manual (381333-400 ):

You can also watch related video below:

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