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Where do I connect my engine start wires?

The engine start terminals can be found on the terminal block mounted on the enclosure or on the transfer switch mechanism itself.  It varies depending on the model and frame of the switch.

Note: Exception on the 185 series model as it has designated engine start contacts/terminals on its controller regardless of the frame.

The engine start signals are called feature 7 and 8 on the wiring diagram.

You can connect them to terminals 14 and 15 (closes to start) or 14 and 16 (opens to start) for small frame switches such as D and E frames or terminals 1 and 2 (closes to start) or 1 and 3 (opens to start) for big frame switches such as J, H and G.

You can verify the frame size that you have and refer to the appropriate wiring diagram. If unsure, contact Technical Support at 1-800-800-ASCO or send an email to technicalsupport@ascopower.com

You may also watch the video related to this. (Please see below)

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