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Redundant Network Elements

For critical power monitoring networks, ASCO Power Technologies, Inc., offers connectivity units in Standard or Managed configurations. The latter features an Ethernet switch that provides data transfer through ring topologies, which offer redundant pathways. The following diagrams compare the capabilities of standard and managed connectivity units.

The simplest networks use a linear topology, as shown below. While easy to install and operate, a malfunction of any connectivity unit or interconnecting link could isolate the system from all upstream equipment.

Linear topology network
To provide redundant communication pathways, each connectivity unit can be equipped with an added Ethernet switch that enables loop configurations. This allows all equipment on the network to communicate with all other equipment even when one link becomes inoperable.
Loop configuration network
To ensure operability during a transfer of loads to an alternate power source, connectivity units must be equipped with sufficient reserve power to “ride through” momentary outages. For this reason, some connectivity units store power that is sufficient for very short power interruptions.

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