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What is Auto Load Control (ALC) ?


Common guidelines in regards to the ASCO Load Bank Auto Load Controller (ALC) (Option R4)
  • The ASCO Automatic Load Control is an optional accessory for 1000 Series (radiator mount), 4000 Series (outdoor free standing), and 9000 Series load banks.
  • The Automatic Load Control (ALC) is a load bank accessory designed to add or remove load steps to maintain an approximate target load level on the generator to which the load bank is connected.
  • Only 1 CT is normally required/provided with R4 accessory. The ALC feature requires sensing of one phase (building load only).
  • ALC is set to maintain 60% of genset rating.
  • Load steps are configured on a case by case basis. Some situations warrant the ganging of load bank load steps.
  • There are 5 available load steps for the ALC accessory.
  • Wiring of the CT is to be completed by the customer in the field. Wire per local electrical code.
  • The default delay before applying initial load is set to 3 seconds. This allows the system to stabilize.
  • The default delay between adding load steps is 3 seconds.
  • Load step removal. When the load setpoint is met, it is immediate.
  • Delays settings are field adjustable up to 30 seconds.
  • ALC option can only be chosen for single voltage applications. It is not available on a dual voltage load bank.

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