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Welcome to the ASCO Website

Welcome to our website.

Training for 2021

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With 2020 (thankfully!) behind us and 2021 now dawning, it is time to meet the challenges that the new year will bring. One of those challenges is doing more with less, including getting truly relevant training without a lot of fuss or expense. This brief explains how to access convenient, high-quality, critical power training … for free.

ASCO Training Resources

In 2020, ASCO Power Technologies hosted a rich variety of free training events, and we have more lined up for 2021.

Learning Series Webinars

ASCO will offer a range of online webinars in 2021. These webinars will provide Professional Development Hours (PDHs) needed by engineers and other power specialists to meet continuing education requirements. Many also provide Continuing Education Units (CEUs) needed by particular professional registration programs. Participants can receive CEUs by registering for and attending a webinar, then completing an online quiz following the session.

In 2020, we hosted 47 Learning Series Webinars that were attended by thousands of participants. For their efforts, we issued CEU and PDH certificates to many professionals. When asked if they would refer our webinars to a friend, participants ranked us at 6.3 on a scale of 7.0, a strong endorsement.

Based on the success of our 2020 program, we will continue to offer compelling educational opportunities in 2021. We will repeat webinars on essential critical power subjects and introduce new offerings about additional technologies and codes.

Ask the Experts

ASCO Power Technologies will continue the Ask the Experts series, where seasoned ASCO staff respond to questions about critical power equipment designs and functions, application solutions, codes and regulations, and more. In each session, participants can get direct answers to their questions from the people who design, build, sell, and service ASCO products every day.

Industry Perspectives

ASCO will also continue the Industry Perspectives series, where ASCO interviews leaders in critical power applications about their views of critical power issues and emerging trends. From critical power system design to digitization trends and the Internet of Things, leaders from different segments of the critical power industry will identify emerging issues and describe approaches for solving challenges.

Stay in the Know

All of our past 2020 and planned 2021 webinars can be accessed from Events webpage on the ASCO Power Technologies website. From there, users can:
  • Register for upcoming sessions
  • View slide presentations from prior events
  • View video of each recorded webinar
ASCO’s 1Q21 Events

All ASCO Webinars offer Professional Development Hours, and many offer Continuing Education Units. Here are the educational events that ASCO will host during the First Quarter of 2021.

Learning Series Webinars
  • Transfer Switch Fundamentals
  • Power Control System Basics
  • Parameters of Synchronization
  • Basic Load Management
  • NFPA 110 Overview
  • Manual Transfer Switches and Engine Start Monitoring
Ask the Experts
  • Power Control Systems
  • Load Banks – Asia Pacific Region
Industry Perspectives
  • Critical Facilities: Facility Manager
  • Telecommunications
  • Healthcare Facility Manager
You can find the dates and times for these events and register to participate at the Webinar page on the ASCO Power Technologies website. To receive announcements of newly scheduled events and newly released white papers, technical briefs, and more, join the ASCO News mailing list. You can also follow ASCO Power Technologies on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. For additional information, contact a local ASCO Power Technologies representative.

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