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Welcome to the ASCO Website

Welcome to our website.

The Usefulness of ASCO Digital Tools

Everywhere we look, we see the effects of increasing digitization. With the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is easy to find statements in the business press that sound something like “We’ve seen more digitation in last X months than in the last X years.” A report from McKinsey describes trends that include “a significant increase in remote working, changing customer needs (a switch to offerings that reflect new health and hygiene sensitivities), and customer preferences for remote interactions.

These digitization trends are in full force at ASCO Power Technologies. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have accelerated the deployment of digital assets to the critical power community. Some have responded directly to conditions arising from the pandemic ... such as descriptions of backup power solutions for temporary medical facilities … while others just make it easier to get essential information about backup power solutions … even as many of us adjust to new economic realities such as a work-at-home arrangements.

Over the last few months, we have put together a comprehensive suite of digital tools for understanding critical power solutions. This article summarizes these tools and links readers to them. Whether you are a seasoned power professional, a busy facility manager, or are new to the backup power business, we are sure you will find digital offerings that make backup power easier to understand and deploy.

Digital Hub

Many of our digital tools can be accessed from the Digital Hub on the ASCO Power Technologies website. These include our 3D Interactive Facilities, Digital Binder, Customer Testimonial Map, 360° Videos, and Video Library.

3D Interactive Facilities

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what is an interactive three-dimensional model of critical power equipment worth? It is easy to find out by surfing to ASCO’s 3D Facility Tool. There, users can see transfer switches, power control systems, and more installed in diverse types of facilities, then access visual and narrative details about devices and their application.

Views include detailed 3D animations of equipment in operation that provide a rich visual understanding that just is not available in a brochure or data sheet. For an interesting example, watch the complex operation of a large bypass-isolation transfer switch by linking to the portal then clicking Healthcare Facility, then 7000 Series Bypass Isolation Transfer Switch. We invite you to interact with the facilities and equipment.

Customer Testimonial Map

Our Customer Testimonials describe the scope of solutions installed at project sites as well as customer comments about their value. Our Customer Testimonial Map locates these on an interactive map. There, users can hover over projects, where pop-ups lead to a bulleted slide that quickly describes each project. Selectable by facility type, users can see where ASCO solutions have been used to solve challenges like their own.

360° Videos

Just as the Customer Testimonial Map shows where ASCO equipment has been installed, our 360° Videos show users what it looks like. Recorded in a range of facilities, these videos show installed equipment and record user remarks on its design, application, and use. Users can control the camera angles to view the equipment of their interest.

Video Library

The ASCO Power Technologies Video Library contains the rest of our extensive video assets. Playlists are available for Transfer Switches, Paralleling Switchgear, and Surge Protective Devices. The library also presents videos that summarize ASCO white papers and technical articles, as well as videos where ASCO experts educate viewers about the features and capabilities of critical power technologies and equipment.

Digital Binder

Not long ago, ASCO’s critical power products and service were published in print and assembled in large three-ring binders. Today, documentation about our full range of transfer switches, power control switchgear, and monitoring and control systems is published digitally as an online “flip-book,” which enables users to “turn pages” online as they would with a paper catalog.

Think of the Digital Binder as “Encyclopedia ASCO.” It presents more than 130 documents detailing ASCO critical products and services and totals more than 600 pages. More than that, it serves as a starting point for reaching other ASCO assets. Hyperlinks lead from its pages to white papers, technical briefs, videos, and product webpages. More than just data sheets, its overview documents summarize our product lines, then describe specific products and their available configurations. It is an important and useful reference for anyone involved in comparing, specifying, or purchasing critical backup power equipment.

Additional Digital Assets

Product and Service Webpages

ASCO’s extensive website reflects the organization of the Digital Binder and presents even more detailed information. In addition to everything in the binder, the website also presents documents that are not available through other channels. For instance, viewing the ASCO 7000 SERIES Power Transfer Switch page provides not only a product overview, but also access to related videos and downloadable documents such as brochures, data sheets, suggested specifications, equipment drawings and wiring diagrams, and more.

Educational Webinars

ASCO Power Technologies frequently offers webinars that educate attendees about how backup power systems operate, how they solve power and compliance challenges, and how they can be optimized by application. Importantly, these sessions are taught by experienced ASCO experts who solve power challenges every day. Most webinars offer Continuing Education Units and Professional Development Units needed to maintain professional credentials. Participants earn credits while they learn.

In 2020 alone, ASCO has hosted more than webinars on critical power topics. These were attended by more than 16,000 professionals, and we have issued CEU certificates to many of the participants. To find out about prior subjects and upcoming events, see the ASCO Power Technologies’ Innovation Webinar Page.

White Papers

ASCO Power Technologies has long been a leader in educating professionals about backup power technologies and their applications. ASCO has regularly issued white papers that describe how backup power systems work and why they matter. Need to know options for complying with National Electrical Code® requirements for arc energy reduction? Click on NEC® - Specified Methods for Arc Energy Reduction. Need to show someone the value of automated compliance documentation? Send them this link. Need to explain the basic functions of paralleling switchgear to a newly graduated engineer? Power Control System Basics is a great place to start. There are more than 120 papers on our website, offering valuable information for new and experienced professionals across our industry.

Technical Briefs

Our Technical Briefs address backup power technologies, applications, and emerging trends. Less than half the size of our white papers, they are published weekly and get to the point on technical matters or current events quickly. Since March of 2020, we have published briefs on more than 30 subjects. Click here to see why these are among our most popular publications.

Case Studies

Our Case Studies explain how we helped solved site-specific power challenges for customers and end users. From hospitals to data centers … and even museums (!) ... our case studies explain the challenge, the solution, and the outcome for a range of applications. Case studies are found on the ASCO website here.

Social Media

ASCO Power Technologies consistently posts company news, announcements of events and publications, and other content to social media channels. These are the channels for receiving up-to-the-minute notices of ASCO happenings. Follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.


Digitalization is changing the way each of us works, and ASCO Power Technologies is working hard to provide the most useful digital resources to the backup power community. While the scope of our assets can provide a thorough education in backup power, it is important to remember that every asset is viewable on any interconnected device and is completely free-of-charge.

To receive notice of new ASCO releases, subscribe to our electronic newsletter. For information about specific digital assets or any of our industry-leading product and service contact local ASCO Power Technologies representative.

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