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Welcome to our website.

New ASCO 8-Device Gateway Enables Interactive Power Equipment Management

Florham Park, N.J [July 18, 2017] – ASCO Power Technologies, the world’s leading provider of critical power solutions, debuts the ASCO Model 5701 8-Device Gateway. This device aggregates critical real-time information about the status and performance of engine-generators, transfer switches, load banks, and surge protective devices. It sends this information for display on a webpage or to a building monitoring system via BACnet, Modbus, and SNMP. By consolidating information from up to 8 devices, the Gateway provides a single common interface for monitoring and managing critical power equipment in both existing and newly installed systems.

The Model 5701 collects data from transfer switches and critical power devices. It displays power equipment status and performance information through an interface that is easy to navigate and intuitive to use. It is compatible with critical power equipment from most major manufacturers, reducing the need to train personnel on multiple brand-specific systems. It can be DIN-rail mounted, wall-mounted, or installed inside automatic transfer switches and other power equipment.

Until now, power devices from separate manufacturers required separate monitoring and communications interfaces. ASCO’s new Gateway streamlines both power equipment management and control by aggregating data from these devices. It compares power data to user-defined criteria, and then transmits real-time email and text alerts about power conditions and events. The Gateway also eases compliance and reduces costs by automatically generating and distributing periodic reports that comply with NFPA, CALEA, NEC®, and CMS requirements.

"The Model 5701 provides a simple platform for gaining web-enabled insight into power conditions and equipment," said Mario Ibrahim, ASCO’s Director of Product Development and Innovation. “Think about the power and convenience of receiving real-time information on a cell phone … facility managers can receive email notices about power events and conditions whether they are across the building or across the world. The Gateway’s rich interface allows users to monitor power equipment status, power conditions, and surge protection systems. It also allows users to drill down into equipment details and to manage ATSs, generators, and load banks interactively. It simplifies power system management by consolidating information from multiple transfer switches and connected power equipment into a single interface.”

The Model 5701 utilizes the latest power management innovations from ASCO’s PowerQuest® product lineup, which provides a broad range of solutions for managing device, system, facility, and multi-site power assets. ASCO products are backed by technology, support, and service that are unmatched in the industry.

About ASCO Power Technologies

ASCO Power Technologies has provided power reliability solutions for more than 125 years. The firm designs, manufactures, services, and supports automatic transfer switches, power control equipment, load banks and surge protective devices. ASCO products serve mission-critical functions in data centers, healthcare facilities, telecommunication networks, commercial buildings, and industrial operations. To learn more about any of ASCO’s premium products and services, call (800) 800 ASCO (2726), email CustomerCare@Ascopower.com

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