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ASCO White Paper Explains Paralleling Switchgear for Multi-Generator Backup Systems

Power Control System Basics explains key information about paralleling switchgear used in standby and emergency power systems, including:

• Reasons for paralleling two or more generators
• The benefits that Power Control Systems offer
• Unique solutions they bring to facilities requiring backup power
• Example paralleling switchgear applications for hospitals, data centers, and wastewater treatment plants

Florham Park, NJ, USA – February 25, 2021ASCO Power Technologies the world’s leading provider of critical power solutions, announces the availability of its newest White Paper about paralleling switchgear, entitled Power Control System Basics. Paralleling switchgear offer some of the most sophisticated and complete backup power solutions available today, and the white paper provides an easily read overview these systems.

Paralleling switchgear are used when two or more generators must be used together to achieve sufficient capacity for a facility’s backup power needs. In ac systems, the power sources must be synchronized before connecting to a common bus. Running two or more power sources together, or paralleling, can offer the following benefits:

• Redundancy to increase reliability and availability
• Efficiency by optimizing generator usage and load management
• Economy by enabling users to connect utility and cogeneration sources and receive revenue through utility demand-response programs
• Generating on-site power to reduce or eliminate use of utility power during periods of high demand

The paper explains the arrangement of devices used to interact with generation, distribution, and load equipment; summarizes the range of equipment that Power Control Systems connect; and highlights differences in paralleling switchgear used for medium voltage applications. It also explains the unique functions these systems offer, including:

• maximizing the amount of load that can be carried by available gensets
• supplying loads using the fewest generators
• segmenting bus to decrease connection time and increase redundancy
• streamlining compliance through automated reporting
• connection to generators from every major manufacturer and fuel type

The paper concludes by providing examples of paralleling switchgear used in hospitals, data centers, and wastewater treatment plants. Power professionals and facility managers are encouraged to access the paper at https://www.ascopower.com/us/en/download/document/ASC-TS-WP-127-PCSB/.

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