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ASCO Transfer Switch with Quick Connects Named A Product of The Year

ASCO Transfer Switch with Quick Connects Named A Product of The Year

Integral Quick Connects Solve Compliance with NEC Requirement

Florham Park, N.J., [Septemer 12, 2019] — ASCO Power Technologies, Inc., is pleased to announce that its new ASCO SERIES 300 Manual Transfer Switch with Integrated Quick Connects (MTQ) has been voted a Gold Award Winner by the Consulting-Specifying Engineer magazine Product of the Year Program. This award is the premier honor for new products in mechanical, fire/life safety, electrical, lighting, plumbing, and related nonresidential building system markets. Learn more about the MTQ by viewing the webpage, data sheet and product video.

Voted by CSE’s readers, the Product of the Year award signifies the importance of the power challenges solved by the new MTQ. For facilities where a permanent generator is too costly, a permanent means for quickly connecting a portable or temporary generator can make economic sense. For these applications, the ASCO SERIES 300 MTQ enables users to quickly connect a portable or temporary generator to a building’s electrical system. It offers an innovative and flexible solution for providing temporary backup power, especially for users that must comply with NEC® 700.3(F) requirements to provide a “backup to the backup” when servicing a facility’s sole permanent generator set.

The 300 SERIES manual transfer switches have always provided class-leading performance for small and mid-size healthcare, commercial, and industrial facilities. The new MTQ enables users to quickly connect transportable generators while avoiding the large capital and service costs associated with a permanent generator solution. The ASCO SERIES 300 Manual Transfer Switch with Integrated Quick Connects provides a solution for connecting and transferring to a temporary or secondary power source using a single UL 1008-listed unit.

“The SERIES 300 MTQ was one of ASCO’s most exciting product launches for 2018,” says ASCO Product Marketing Manager, Kevin Ragbasingh. “It’s provided access to backup power for facilities that previously could not justify the expense of a permanent genset. And customers are thrilled to have a ‘one-stop’ solution for complying with NEC Article 700.3.”

“It’s a real honor to receive a Product of the Year Award from CSE’s readers,” said Matthew Schneider, ASCO Director of Offer Creation. “Their choice shows how our product design teams deliver innovative solutions that meet the most essential challenges facing the critical power community. Customer interest and unit sales have both been very active. We could not be more pleased.”

ASCO products are backed by technology, support, and service that are unmatched in the industry. Click the following links to view the MTQ webpage, data sheet, and product video. Contact an ASCO representative to learn more.

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ASCO Power Technologies has provided power reliability solutions for more than 125 years. The firm designs, manufactures, services, and supports automatic transfer switches, power control equipment, load banks and surge protective devices. ASCO products serve mission-critical functions in data centers, healthcare facilities, telecommunication networks, commercial buildings, and industrial operations. To learn more about any of ASCO’s premium products and services, call (800) 800 ASCO (2726), email customercare@ascopower.com, or visit www.ascopower.com.


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