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Welcome to our website.

ASCO Offers Low Voltage Surge Protector with Self-Resetting Fuses

The Model 175 Offers 3-Stage Suppression for Superior Protection

Florham Park, N.J., [March 29, 2019] — ASCO Power Technologies, the world's leading provider of critical power solutions, is offering its Model 175 surge protective device for data transmission applications that use two pairs of wires. Especially suited for protecting equipment in security, access control, alarm, and video systems, the Model 175 mitigates transient overvoltages using a combination of a gas discharge tube (GDTs) and silicon avalanche diodes (SADs). ASCO Product Manager, Bob Behl states, "The GDTs have low capacitance and absorb high surge current peaks while the SADs provide high speed and tight voltage clamping characteristics. Our hybrid design provides better overall performance and protection than either technology alone."

The Model 175 also mitigates sneak and fault currents using self-resetting fuses. When transient currents exceed specified levels, the fuses increase resistance by several orders of magnitude to limit current flow. The fuses reset when the current level returns to a normal state. This self-restoring capability increases suppressor performance and survivability.

The Model 175 mounts on printed circuit boards via ASCO's PCB1B gold-plated female terminal connector, and its card edge is gold­ plated for superior connection quality. When installed, data circuits "pass through" the protector in a serial configuration.

The Model 175 is available in 5, 24, and 36-volt DC models with clamping voltages of 8, 30, and 43 volts, respectively. All variants offer a peak surge current rating of 10 kiloamps. The product is available as a stand­alone protector and in a kit that includes the PCB1B base.

More information about the ASCO Model 175 SPD can be found in its product brochure and video. Application guides for using the Model 175 in security, access control, video surveillance, and fire alarm systems can be found on the product webpage.

About ASCO Power Technologies

ASCO Power Technologies has provided power reliability solutions for more than 125 years. The firm designs, manufactures, services, and supports automatic transfer switches, power control equipment, load banks and surge protective devices. ASCO products serve mission-critical functions in data centers, healthcare facilities, telecommunication networks, commercial buildings, and industrial operations. To learn more about any of ASCO’s premium products and services, call (800) 800 ASCO (2726), email CustomerCare@Ascopower.com, or visit www.ascopower.com.

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