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Welcome to the ASCO Website

Welcome to our website.

Developed from more than a century of backup power experience.

ASCO Power Technologies' generator transfer switches provide safe and easy power switching to keep your business running even during a power outage. Our wide range of solutions provide ultimate assurance for critical applications where reliability is key.
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ASCO automatic transfer switch

Automatic Transfer Switches

An automatic generator transfer switch transfer loads to an alternate power source without operator input when outages occur.
ASCO manual transfer switch

Manual Transfer Switches

A manual generator transfer switch is a cost-efficient solution for operator-initiated load transfer.
ASCO bypass isolation transfer switch

Bypass-Isolation Transfer Switches

Enable generator transfer switch service without interrupting power to loads.
ASCO service entrance transfer switch

Service Entrance Transfer Switches

A service entrance generator transfer switch integrate a utility service breaker to save space and streamline installation.
ASCO custom transfer switch

Custom Transfer Switches

Optimize transfer switches by providing bus riser, source fuses, power meters, and other features for any application.

Rigorously Tested

Withstand severe conditions

UL-Listed ASCO Transfer Switches are tested to UL 1008 and/or IEC 60497 standards to verify that they can supply the required of reliability and power availability.

Solve two problems with one solution

Service entrance models save space requirements and streamline installation

Get exactly what you need

Custom-engineered solutions add functionality and value

Meet application requirements

Low-voltage and medium-voltage models up to 4000 Amps

Creators of the first commercially available automatic transfer switch

ASCO Power Technologies proudly stands as the creators of the first commercially available automatic transfer switches (ATS). With a history of innovation spanning decades, we have transformed power management solutions for businesses worldwide.
Transfer switch series

Solutions for earthquake prone areas

Seismic-rated transfer switches can provide critical power to facilities in locations of greater seismic risk.
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Tools to learn more about Transfer Switches

ASCO Webinar TS Fundamentals

Transfer Switch Self Help Hub

From product overviews to troubleshooting — the self-help hub directs you to resources and services quickly.
ASCO in America

ASCO Power in America

See the list of ASCO Power products that comply with Build America, Buy America, (BABA) Buy American Act, (BAA) and Trade Agreement Act (TAA) on this page.
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Find a technical document

Download generator transfer switch specifications, outline drawings, and wiring diagrams.
ASCO interactive transfer switch

Take a closer look

See our industry-leading transfer switches for generators and other power sources in 3D. ASCO’s interactive tool lets viewers zoom in on product details and learn their value.
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Compare available features

Compare features across ASCO Power’s comprehensive range of transfer switches.

See every model

View our entire range of transfer switch brochures, data sheets, and technical documents in one place.
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Data Centers

Experience power reliability while maximizing uptime.
Commercial building

Commercial Buildings

Drive business continuity with a flexible and scalable backup power system.
Healthcare facilities solutions


Find robust backup power solutions that help protect people, improve patient satisfaction, and streamline compliance.
Waste Water Treatment Plant

Wastewater Treatment Plant

Critical power solutions from ASCO help maximize equipment life and maintain operational continuity.
Telecom solutions


Improve uptime for communication services.

“With nine hospitals on the line, ASCO Power helps me sleep well at night.”

 - Tom M. 

Facility Engineering Director

Discover How Our Solutions Are Changing Industries

Children learning

Helping children thrive and learn

A children’s home in Puerto Rico lost power for months after Hurricane Maria. ASCO Power Technologies worked with Engineers Without Borders to provide reliable and sustainable power by installing a microgrid.

Wastewater treatment plant solutions

Rugged Solutions for Tough Conditions

Glasgow, Montana is a 4 ½ hour drive from the nearest metro area. ASCO Power supplied a rugged transfer switch solution to improve power reliability and resilience for Glasgow’s wastewater treatment plant.

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Transfer Switch 101 and Beyond

Register for upcoming and on-demand webinars from ASCO Power Technologies. The sessions are led by industry experts presenting market-leading technologies and their value in solving critical power challenges.
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