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ASCO 7000 SERIES Soft Load Wiring, Outline and Mounting Diagrams

Specifications and dimensions subject to change without notice. Do not use for construction. Request construction drawings from your local ASCO representative. These drawings are for our current ATS products. For older ATSs (or if you are uncertain) please contact ASCO Power Services (link:; provide the Serial Number and Catalog Number from the ATS nameplate.

Product Amps 7000 Soft Load 7000 Soft Load Bypass Isolation 7000 Soft Load 7000 Soft Load Bypass Isolation
7000 SL 150-400 725701 725709A 623086-010 802093-005A
7000 SL 600-1000 725703-012 725713K 713200F 736939G
7000 SL 1200 725703-012 725713K 713201G 736939G
7000 SL 1600-2000 725705D 725715E 619587E 617411D
7000 SL 2600-3000 725705D 725715E 725400C 727400G
7000 SL 4000 871765 n/a 702151D n/a