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ASCO Model 259 (Edco SHA-1250-ITS)

120VAC,15A Traffic Cabinet Protection

The ASCO Model 259 is a surge suppressor and high frequency noise filter for traffic cabinet protection. Model 259 is a modular design that utilizes a 12 pin Beau connector to attach to a hardwire terminal base (Accessory SHA-1250BASEITS) sold separately.

ASCO Model 259 (Edco SHA-1250-ITS)
  • Features

    The device incorporates two LEDs for failure status indication. The footprint of the base is the same as 254120NF015AN4N0 (Edco® SHA-1210IRS). This makes retrofitting older cabinets easy because internal wire lengths do not have to be adjusted. Model 259 provides excellent noise suppression over a large frequency range. The Insertion Loss chart illustrates typical filtering characteristics. Typical noise attenuation is 10db @ 10 Khz, 50db @ 100 Khz and 90db @ 1 Mhz.
    • Designed for Type 170 and NEMA Traffic Control Cabinets
    • Three sub-circuits include primary clamp, secondary clamp and filter
    • LED Indication


    • 5 Year warranty


    • Traffic and Transportation

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