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ASCO Model 275 (Islatrol IC-LRIC) Surge Protective Device

120 Volt: 150 VRMS / 240 Volt: 275 VRMS | 45kA Per Phase

The ASCO Model 275 (Islatrol ® IC+ Series) AC Power Filter is a series connected high-frequency noise filter with transient protection. It offers the flexibility of either receptacle/line cord connection or hard-wired connection to critical loads (up to 30 Amperes). Applications include industrial or office equipment, computers placed in harsh environments.

ASCO Model 275 (Islatrol IC-LRIC) Surge Protective Device
  • Features

    • Typically reduces normal mode transients to +/-2 volts
    • Surge current capacity – 45,000 Amps
    • Transient protection in all modes: line to neutral, line to ground, and neutral to ground
    • LED power indication


    • UL 1283, CSA recognized
    • 5 Year Warranty


    • Broadcast and Entertainment
    • Manufacturing
    • Transportation