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Firetrol FTA550E XG Jockey Pump Controller

Electric | UL | 0 - 600 PSI

FTA550E XG Jockey Pump Controllers are intended for use with fire pump systems. They are used for pressure maintenance in fire pump installations to prevent unnecessary operation of the main fire pump.

Firetrol FTA550E XG Jockey Pump Controller
  • Features

    Starting Method: Across the Line
    Motor Horsepower: 1/4 - 50 (Larger Available - Contact Firetrol)
    Operating Voltage: 200 - 600 VAC
    Short Circuit Current Rating: 200 - 480 Volts 65,000 Amps RMS Sym

    The following are included as standard with each controller:
    • Circuit Breaker
    • Motor Starter
    • Minimum Run Timer
    • Pump Restart Timer
    • Common User Interface Across Product Lines
    • Solid State Pressure Transducer
    • Hand-Off-Auto Selector Switch
    • Pump Restart Timer


    • Across The Line Starting
    • JockeyTalk Availability
    • Data and Event Logging
    • User Selectable Features

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