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Firetrol FTA750 limited service Electric Controller

Electric | UL | 0 - 600 PSI | Single Phase Limited Service

FTA750 Limited Service Controllers are intended for use with small electric motor driven fire pumps where the capacity of the power source permits full voltage starting. Limited Service Controllers may be used where they are acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction.

Firetrol FTA750 limited service Electric Controller
  • Features

    Starting Method: Across the Line
    Motor Horsepower: 3 - 30
    Operating Voltage: 200 - 600 VAC
    Short Circuit Current Rating: Depends on Voltage

    The following are included as standard with each controller:
    • Main Thermal Magnetic Circuit Breaker
    • Emergency Run Mechanism
    • Common User Interface Across Product Lines
    • Weekly Test Timer
    • True RMS Metering
    • USB Host Controller
    • Event and Data Logging
    • Power Transfer Switch Option


    • Across The Line Starting
    • Limited Use Controller
    • System Monitoring
    • Modbus Connectivity