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Intuative PC Based Control for up to 42 ASCO Load Banks

Built on years of load bank control experience, SIGMA PC Basic provides a fast, cost effective and user friendly platform for load testing.

  • Features

    • Remote control of a SIGMA 2 load bank
    • 42 SIGMA 2 load bank can connected and controlled
    • Control all or individual load banks in a network
    • Graphical instrumentation display
    • Customisable settings


    • Load can be applied to any load bank/s in the network to test various sized distribution points at one time
    • Test data can be exported
    • Instrumentation options including figures, dials and graphs
    • Simple icon based display makes navigation fast and easy
    • Pre-set load percentage buttons ensure correct load selection
    • Control any combination of resistive, inductive, capacitive and combined load banks for unity and non-unity power factor testing
    • Load control in kVA, % of supply on test, kVAr or kW.


    • Construction and Engineering
    • Data Center/Colocation/Hosting
    • Manufacturing
    • Military, Defense, Aerospace and Missile
    • Marine
    • Oil and Gas
    • Power Generation
    • Power/Gas Transmission and Distribution