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ASCO 6067 Load Bank

Inductive | 150kVAr - 400kVAr | 380V – 690 V | 50/60Hz

The 6067 is an inductive load bank with capacities up to 400kVAr and a wide option of voltages. The 6067 is often used to network with ASCO resistive load banks for non-unity power factor testing.

ASCO 6067 Load Bank
  • Features

    • Welded monocoque construction
    • Inductive only to network with resistive units for testing to variable power factors
    • Separate enclosures for control, switchgear and power connections prevent operational temperature changes and the ingress of direct and moisture


    • Robust construction provides unrivalled reliability
    • Rail mounted contactors allow greater load selection and fine tuning
    • Double insulated doors reduce the effects of solar gains


    • Equipment rental suppliers
    • Data center back-up power and UPS testing
    • OEM generator test cell environments
    • Mission critical facility back-up power testing
    • Back-up power servicing and commissioning

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