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ASCO 1100 Load Bank

Front Mount | 10kW - 900kW | 208V - 600V | 60Hz

ASCO 1100 load banks are permanently mounted to the front of the engine generator and sized to match the width and height of the radiator core or exhaust duct opening.​

ASCO 1100 Load Bank
  • Features

    • Economical - Uses Engine Air for Cooling
    • Reduces "Wet-Stacking" Problems
    • Provides Load for Routine Generator Testing
    • Corrosion Resistant Aluminized Steel Frame
    • Includes Lifting Eyes and Duct Flange


    • No Supplemental Cooling Air Required
    • Ensures Proper Operation of Diesel Prime Mover
    • Radiator Load Banks provide Supplemental Loads
    • Ideal for High Temperature Applications
    • Lightweight and Easy Installation


    • Data Center/Colocation/Hosting
    • Government
    • Manufacturing
    • Healthcare
    • Marine
    • Military, Defense, Aerospace and Missile
    • Nuclear Power
    • Oil and Gas
    • Power Generation
    • Power/Gas Transmission and Distribution
    • Telecom
    • Banking, Financial and Insurance