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ASCO 216C89 Master Control Station

Open and Cut Gas Flow

The normally-closed pushbutton of the ASCO 216C89 Master Control Station cuts off gas flow when pressed. A key operated, normally-open switch restores gas flow. One Master Control Station is required for each 108D10C panel installation. Not required for or applicable to 108D90C.

ASCO 216C89 Master Control Station
  • Features

    • Reliability - ASCO™s long experience in control assures a highly dependable system especially when used in combination with ASCO valves. If the control voltage is lost completely, or reduces to approximately 50% of normal value, the relay de-energizes the normally-closed valve to shut off the gas flow.
    • Long Life - ASCO dust-tight industrial relay and solid-state rectifier are designed to provide long life.
    • Ease of Installation - Clearly marked terminals and installation drawings located on inside of door.


    • Silent Operation - Utilization of DC output provided by the relay panel to the valves eliminates constant AC hum.
    • Appearance - Shallow-depth NEMA Type 1 flush mounted enclosure permits in-stallation directly into the wall for convenience, and elimination of obstructions in corridors or high traffic areas.
    • Approvals - Originally designed for and approved by the New York City Board of Education for use in public schools.


    • Construction and Engineering

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