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How do I data capture on a SIGMA LT hand-held?

Start by connecting a USB flash drive into the bottom of the hand-held. USB devices that contain upgrade files can be connected to the hand-held to update firmware both on the hand-held and all load banks in the network.

Connect USB Flash Drive

USB symbol will appear to show it has been found. Then select load step (use steps listed in load control)

USB Symbol

Press the Apply Load button Apply Load Button and Data capture will commence. USB Symbol will blink to show data logging is in progress.

USB Blinking

Press the Reject Load button Reject Load Button to stop data logging. Unplug the USB Flash Drive and insert it into a computer to retrieve the data log file.

The data log file created from the hand-held can be opened in spreadsheet software for further analysis.

Supporting Document:
ASCO SIGMA LT Hand-held - Quickstart Guide

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