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How to set the engine exerciser on Series 300 Transfer Switch with a Group G Controller?

The Engine Exerciser can be set from the Group G Controller’s User Interface

Screen Navigation
Follow the sequence of buttons (in yellow) to get to the Engine Exerciser Menu
  1. From the Home/Control Status, Press Enter
  2. Using the Up-Down Arrow Keys, look for Settings, Press Enter
  3. Using the Up-Down Arrow Keys, look for Engine Exerciser, Press Enter
  4. As it asks for Password, Enter Default Password: 1111, Press Enter

There are 2 Types of Exerciser Settings for Series 300 Group G Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS).
  1. Standard Exerciser
  2. Programmable Exerciser

Setting Standard Exerciser
Standard Exerciser are only applicable to Series 300 Group G units which do not have Acc. 11BE
Please note that in Standard Exerciser, the Duration or Run Time is limited to 20 minutes.

Setting Programmable Exerciser
Programmable Exerciser are only applicable to Series 300 Group G units which have Acc. 11BE.
Provides seven individually programmable exercise schedules.
Duration or Run Time can be set up to 24 hours.

Exercise Parameters
Parameters marked with yellow are only applicable to the Programmable Exerciser

To start adjusting the parameters, Press Enter.
When a parameter flashes, use the up-down arrow key to adjust the setting.
Press Enter, to skip to different parameters.
When done, Press Enter once more to save the settings.
Parameters should all be solid, this indicates that all changes were saved.
Press Escape to go back to Home screen.

For more information, you may also refer to page 17-18 of operator's manual 381333-400.

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