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How to check the compatibility of Group 5 Controller with ASCO 72EE2?

Previously, Series 7000 ATS uses ASCO 72E as its communication/gateway module. In order to qualify the existing Group 5 controller if they are compatible with ASCO  72EE2, we need to check its CP Software Version.

ASCO 72EE2 or Quad Ethernet Module Catalog 5170 would be compatible to ASCO 7000 if its Group 5 Controller has at least CP Software Version of 607540-049 or higher.

To check the CP Software Version of the Group 5 controller,
From the Group 5 Controller Home Screen, press the Enter Key to go to the Parameters Menu.

Press the Right Arrow Key, until it shows SERVICE Statistics Diagnostics, then hit Enter Key

Press the Right Arrow Key, until it shows CP SOFTWARE

You’ll be able to note the CP Software’s Version and Date.
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