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How to enable and configure Modbus TCP/IP on 5140/5170 QEM

For QEM using Firmware version 987204-022 or higher

1. QEM must be connected to the ASCO Controller.
2. QEM's IP address/Network settings should already be configured.

Enabling Modbus on QEM:
1. Login on the QEM web interface using the set IP address.
2. Go to Configuration tab > Ethernet Module

3. Click Edit and verify access. Use admin access to edit configuration,

4. On IPV4 tab, enable Modbus TCP IP and click Save.

Configuring Modbus on QEM:
> The QEM maps the Modbus data using the TCP/IP Alias table to define the device addressing.
> This is the device address needed when configuring the Modbus client.

1. On Ethernet Module Configuration page, go to Device List tab.

2. Change the Modbus Alias address to meet the site requirement. Click Save.

ASCO Modbus Register Maps document:
1. Group G controller - 381339-310
2. Power Manager XP (ASCO 5220) and Group 5 controller - 381339-221
3. Power Meter (ASCO 5210) - 381339-307

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