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Scope / Values

Marina Hockenberry

PCS Test Technician

Jen Rosero

Engineering Support Manager

Monica Arriaga

SCADA Group Leader

Dulce Gallegos

HR Manager

Hada Guerrero

ATS Materials Supervisor


Wellness Program

LaWanda Turman | Sourcing Specialist

Personal Performance

LaWanda Turman | Sourcing Specialist

Family Friendly

LaWanda Turman | Sourcing Specialist


Chris Showers

VP of Manufacturing

Scott Baker

Director of Manufacturing

Samantha Ham

Fabrication Operator

Gary Rose

PCS Production Supervisor

Clayton Leftwich

Team Leader

Precious Henderson

PCS Assembly

Sil Frate

Fabrication Manager

Carl Buie

Facilities Engineer

Tim Farrell

Senior Lab Engineer

Paul Rogulski

Production Supervisor

Chris Showers

VP of Manufacturing

Maria Espinoza

ATS Wire Assembler

Ramiro Bautista

ATS Test Technician

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