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    At ASCO Power Technologies, we have a long history of innovation. We are on a constant drive to bring new technologies and new products to our customers to help them become more productive.

  • ASCO. Innovations through History.

    At ASCO, we have a long history of innovation. In fact, it’s part of our DNA. Since 1888, ASCO has prided itself on providing cutting edge technology and never compromising on quality.

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    At ASCO safety is the number one priority. Learn how and why ASCO is leading the industry in innovative safety solutions.

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    • 1888

      Automatic Transfer Switch Company founded on September 5th, in Baltimore, MD.
    • 1904

      Headquarters moved to New York City
    • 1907

      Manufacture Solenoid Valve and Switches
    • 1925

      First commercial use of ATS for traffic signal controls
    • 1947

      NJ Froment and Co. Ltd. was founded
    • 1953

      Avtron Load Banks founded
    • 1955

      Avtron builds first load bank
    • 1959

      ASCO Switch extend its business overseas entering into UK
    • 1967

      First Power Control System installed at Western Union in NJ, USA
    • 1970

      Firetrol founded in Erie, PA
    • 1971

      Control Concepts founded in Binghamton, NY
    • 1974

      EDCO founded in Ocala, FL
    • 1975

      Develop and manufacture systems for control of emergency power and conservation of energy
    • 1983

      • First computer based Diesel Engine Controller
      • First manufactured ASCO Generator Control Panel I
    • 1985

      • Froment introduce first load bank 
      • Froment introduce first load bank Automatic Switch Company was acquired by Emerson Electric Company
      • Northern Technologies founded in Spokane, WA APT founded in Clearwater, FL
    • 1987

      ASCO manufactures first Generator Sensing Panel
    • 1990

      ASCO Services established with 6 Technicians
    • 1991

      First Microcontroller Based Diesel Engine Controller manufactured
    • 1993

      • Avtron first to offer UL Listed permanent load banks  
      • Launch of PowerQuest®  
      • ASCO release first Annunciator
    • 1994

      • First Digital Soft Start Electric Controller 
      • Avtron launch first direct MV load bank 
      • Launch SERIES 300 - Industry first pre-configured switch
    • 1995

      Froment launch Sigma Intelligent Load Bank Control System
    • 1997

      Surge Acquire EDCO
    • 1998

      ASCO launches 1200 to 3000 Amp 7000 SERIES Transfer Switches
    • 2000

      • Launch PowerQuest® 
      • ASCO acquire Northern Technologies
    • 2001

      • Launch 7000 SERIES Soft Load Transfer Switch Solution
      • Avtron introduces LP High-capacity portable load banks
    • 2002

      Firetrol Mark II Electric Controllers
    • 2003

      • Firetrol Mark II Diesel Controllers 
      • Avtron introduce line of suitcase-style high capacity portable load banks 
      • Launch H-Frame 600-1200 Amps
    • 2005

      Froment release PC based diagnostics, configuration, and calibration application
    • 2006

      Automated Power Services Acquisition
    • 2007

      • Launch J-Frame 200-600 Amps 
      • Variable Speed Electric Controllers
    • 2009

      Consolidated Surge Building Binghamton, NY
    • 2010

      • Mark IIxg Electric and Diesel Controllers 
      • ASCO Services grows to 110 Technicians and 10 Salespersons 
      • Avtron acquires Froment
    • 2011

      • Introduction of CPMS 1.0 Standard 
      • Surge Business Integrated with ASCO 
      • First C1, D2 Diesel Engine Controller First Bypass/Isolation transfer Switch for Fire Pump Use
    • 2012

      • Launch SERIES 230 switch in Asia markets 
      • Avtron and Froment become ASCO brands
    • 2013

      • CPMS Custom 
      • APT Acquisition
    • 2014

      • Launch SIGMA LT
    • 2016

      • Launch Touch Display Interface (TDI)
      • Launch Active Surge Monitor (ASM)
    • 2017

      • Mark III Electric Controllers 
      • ASCO Power Technologies Headquarters moves to new, state-of-the-art facility in Florham Park, NJ 
      • ASCO Services grows to 135 Technicians and 20 Salespersons 
      • ASCO Power Technologies was acquired by Schneider Electric on October 31st.

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