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Welcome to the ASCO Website

Welcome to our website.

Data Centre Products

ASCO 7000 series automatic transfer switches in a facility

Automatic Transfer Switches

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External Mount Surge Protective Devices

ASCO paralleling switchgear installation

Low-Voltage Power Control Systems

Critical Power Management Systems

Resistive Load Banks

Address your challenges

Power Commissioning

Install and test power systems before going live to identify and rectify problems and avoid downtime.

Critical Power Control

Increase efficiency and reduce downtime using precision control backup power sources.

Power Protection

Protect equipment from damaging power events originating within data centres and in the external environment.

Power Maintenance

Service critical power equipment in data centres to reduce downtime and its costs.

Featured Content

Power reliability - the value of power control systems and paralleling generators white paper

Power Reliability - The Value of Power Control Systems and Paralleling Generators

Load bank utilisation of data centres white paper

Load Bank Utilisation of Data Centres

Surge protection for precision cooling systems white paper

Surge Protection for Precision Cooling Systems

Power control system basics white paper

Power Control System Basics

National electric code (NEC) requirements for surge protective devices white paper

National Electric Code (NEC) Requirements for Surge Protective Devices

Data Centre Videos

Portable Load Banks for Commissioning Data Centre HVAC Systems

Portable load banks provide the best means to commission data centre server racks. ASCO portable load banks offer best-in-class features to ensure commissioning is accurate and reliable.
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Data Communications for Critical Power Management Systems

Critical power management systems provide advanced control and monitoring capabilities and interactive tools for assessing and responding to power system conditions.
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Adverse effects of low load operation in diesel generating sets

Load Banks provide the best practical means for allowing the engine of diesel powered generator to operate at it's designed load and temperature ratings.
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