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ASCO 500 Series Surge Protective Devices Explained

ASCO series 500 surge protective devices

ASCO 500 SERIES Surge Protective Devices are designed with strict industry requirements in mind. This diverse family of products uses patented surge technology to provide survivability and exceptional performance in the most extreme conditions. With a variety of technology, monitoring and packaging solutions, each model line within the 500 SERIES can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

500 SERIES includes:
  • True Surge Capability – handles multiple impulses at its highest rated level
  • Individually Thermally Fused Surge Arrays – ensures industry’s highest levels of safety and performance
  • Redundant Protection – multiple surge components each with a dedicated fuse
  • Repetitive Impulse Capability – life cycle testing results demonstrate industry’s most rugged design
  • Temporary Overvoltage Survivability – able to withstand greater than twice the voltage for 30 cycle (IEEE defined swell condition); surviving where other commercially available thermally protected MOV designs fail
  • Industry Best Transient Response at High Surge Levels – multi-stage hybrid design clamps transients at hundreds of volts lower than traditional MOV designs at impulse levels above 10kA

ASCO has a range of surge protective devices to suit a variety of applications

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