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7000 TDI app shot

Transfer Switches

ASCO low and medium voltage Transfer Switches reliably transfer electrical loads between normal and emergency power sources decade after decade.
ASCO 7000 series parallelling switchgear application shot

Paralleling Switchgear

ASCO Paralleling Switchgear offer the industry's most advanced control sequences for multi-source power systems.
ASCO 6180 load bank testing a diesel generating set

Load Banks

ASCO Load Banks are the best way to replicate real-life conditions for testing critical power equipment and systems.
ASCO series 420 surge protective device

Surge Protective Devices

ASCO Surge Protective Devices shunt transient overvoltages to protect electrical and electronic equipment.
ASCO PowerQuest 5900 Series power and control monitoring

Power Control and Monitoring

ASCO Power Monitoring and Control Products provide real-time insight in power conditions and immediate notification of power events. They improve power reliability, streamline regulatory compliance and promote cost effectiveness.
  • ASCO 7000 SERIES Transfer Switch

    ASCO 7000 SERIES transfer switches provide industry-leading solutions for transferring critical loads.


Two women assessing data centre server racks

Data Centres 

Two doctors assessing medical images


Ant's eye view of multiple buildings

Commercial Buildings