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ASCO 7000 SERIES Medium Voltage Transfer Switch (IEC)

For Mission Critical Applications

ASCO power products are designed to be the world’s most robust, intelligent and advanced power transfer and control system with extensive diagnostic capabilities. The 7000 SERIES Medium Voltage Transfer Switch is engineered to safely provide continuous power in the widest range of emergency and standby power applications including industrial, commercial and business-critical facilities as well as healthcare campuses.

ASCO 7000 SERIES Medium Voltage Transfer Switch (IEC)
  • Features

    • 630A - 2500A rating
    • 2.4kV - 13.8kV voltage range
    • Enclosure type IP2X
    • Three pole count
    • Loss of service continuity category LSC 2B (separate partitions for bus bar, connection and switching-device compartments).
    • Use of maintenance-free vacuum circuit-breakers with Optional Protective Relaying:
    One (1) Normal Source VCB for Transfer Switch
    One (1) Emergency Source VCB for Transfer Switch
    • Two (2) Normal Source Fused Voltage Transformers (Open Delta).
    • Cable earthing switch.


    • Easy access to all panel components.
    • Non-insulated copper bus.
    • Confinement of an internal arc to the respective compartment up to 25 kA.
    • Load Power Metering and Ethernet communications.
    • Integration with ASCO’s Critical Power Management System for advanced monitoring and control of your facilities critical power systems.


    • Telecome
    • Retail and Wholesale
    • Transportation
    • Data Centre
    • Healthcare
    • Commercial

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