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ASCO Model 142 (Edco SRA64 Series) Surge Protective Device

5, 12, 24, 30, 36, 52 or 120 VDC | 10 kA

The ASCO Model 142 Surge Protective Device is a single-pair cube implementing three-stage hybrid technology. This cube addresses overvoltage transients with gas tubes and silicon avalanche components.

ASCO Model 142 (Edco SRA64 Series) Surge Protective Device
  • Features

    • Lightning protection for balanced low-voltage signal lines
    • Three-stage hybrid protection
    • Sneak/fault current protection
    • Differential and common mode protection
    • Automatic recovery
    • Fast response time
    • Flame-retardant epoxy encapsulated


    • 5-year warranty


    • Banking, Financial and Insurance
    • Construction and Engineering
    • Data Centre/Colocation/Hosting
    • Education
    • Fire/Alarm/Security
    • Manufacturing
    • Healthcare
    • Government
    • Telecom
    • Transportation
    • Water Supply/Sewage Disposal

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