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ASCO ACG (AccuGuide™) Interconnect Assembly

1.5–6.0 metres/5–20 feet

ASCO's ACG Series (AccuGuide) high-performance interconnect assembly maximises performance by transmitting transients generated by lighting and switching with minimal voltage drops. Each ACG unit includes our patented coaxial cables with minimised inductance. All systems also produce extremely low impedance, unattainable in conventional interconnects.

ASCO ACG (AccuGuide™) Interconnect Assembly
  • Features

    • Extremely low impedance (2–10 Ω) unattainable in conventional interconnect
    • Losses are under 13.8 V/m (4.2 V/ft) /kA. Conventional cable losses exceed 52.5 V/m (16 V/ft)/kA
    • Valuable in cases where SPD cannot be installed close (< 1.5 m [5 ft])
    • Provides 400% improved performance
    • Minimises inductance through a reduced coaxial aspect ratio


    • UL Listed
    • Industry Best Performance
    • 2.6–5.2 mm (10–4 AWG) available wire range
    • Trim for best performance
    • Improves performance in less-than-ideal Installations
    • 5-year warranty

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