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ASCO Model 258 (Edco SHA-1250) Surge Protective Device

120 VAC | 45 kA/Phase

The ASCO Model 258 Surge Protective Device is an upgraded version of the ASCO Model 257 (Edco® SHA-1210IRS). The two models are equal in surge protection performance. Model 258 also incorporates two LEDs for failure indicator in a modular package (utilises 12-pin Beau connector). The hardwire terminal base (SHABA accessory) accommodates all wiring and the protection module is designed for easy replacement.

ASCO Model 258 (Edco SHA-1250) Surge Protective Device
  • Features

    • Clamping voltage: 340 VAC
    • Operating current: 15 A
    • Peak surge current: 45 kA/phase, 60 kA/total
    • Operating frequency: 47–63 Hz
    • EMI attenuation: 50 dB typ


    • Plug-in module
    • LED indication
    • Filtering
    • Remote-sensing circuitry
    • 5-year warranty


    • Transportation