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ASCO Model 257 (Edco SHA-1210IRS) Surge Protective Device

120 VAC | 40 kA (L–N), 40 kA (L–G), 13 kA (N–G), 93 kA/Total

The ASCO Model 257 (Edco® 1210IRS) offers greater total peak surge current capacity and better filtering than the model 254 and also incorporates a failure indicator as well as remote sensing circuitry. In addition, the method of wire termination is different, utilising wire leads and terminal block connectors on the Model 257 instead of stud connections.

ASCO Model 257 (Edco SHA-1210IRS) Surge Protective Device
  • Features

    • Multi-stage hybrid design
    • 50 dB attenuation @ 100 KHz
    • Nanosecond response time
    • L-C filter


    • 5-year warranty


    • Transportation

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