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SIGMA Site Load Correction

Maintain predetermined load on a genset to alleviate the effects of light loading.

The SIGMA site load correction (SLC) will automatically maintain a required level of loading on the generating set. Element groups in the load bank are controlled by internal contactors, which are in turn controlled by the SIGMA load share control. The system includes a three-phase power transducer that detects the site load. When the site load decreases, the load provided by the load bank will increase.

SIGMA Site Load Correction
  • Features

    • Each load step is applied only when site load is continuously below that of a preset minimum load for a predetermined time. Load steps are released when site load increases above the presently selected load step.
    • Select a number of preset variables for the load application, including: time delay before correction, maximum load increase, supply power factors and three-phase correction.


    • Maintains genset load levels to prevent wet stacking.
    • High-precision current transformers provide precise data into the SIGMA load bank.
    • Preset a number of variables of how and when the load bank will apply and reject load.
    • Configure load correction points locally at the load bank if required.
    • The load bank can be controlled by the Hand-held or PC software for other load test requirements when site load correction is not in operation.


    • Primarily used in locations where the main source of power is from a genset. Site load correction automatically applies load when it drops below a predetermined threshold, thus maintaining optimum operating conditions on the genset.

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