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ASCO 911 Remote Control Switch

Remotely Controlled Feeder Disconnect

The ASCO 911 single-throw mechanically held remote control switch is used for remotely controlled feeder disconnect applications such as bulk load control and energy management.

ASCO 911 Remote Control Switch
  • Features

    • Rated for total system loads and can be used on any combination of motor, ballast and tungsten lighting and
    • general use loads, without derating.
    • Optional two or three poles with a solid neutral assembly.
    • Available in single-throw mechanically held remote control switch. They are available for single- or three-phase applications in sizes from 100 to 1200 amperes.
    • Specified for all load classes up to 600 VAC to its full rating open or closed frame.


    • Interrupting capacity 600% of rated current at 480 VAC, 0.4 to 0.5 power factor.
    • Thermal capacity 20 times full load rating.
    • Power-driven contacts lock in place, no continuous control power consumption.
    • Mountable in any position, rugged construction.



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