ASCO 5100 SERIES Ethernet Module Downloads | 987204-022.ASCO

• Released June 15, 2018• Single firmware that will support 5140 and 5170 QEM• Added security function to improve handling of DDoS attacks• Added auto-detect of controller at default factory settings• Added monitoring for maximum of four 5200 SERIES Meters• Added separate enabling of webpage and of ASCO Monitoring System control capability• Added Selectable Fail-Safe Sequences for methods to handle Serial Feature 17 transfer command when loss of upstream communications occurs• Added complete support for medium voltage monitoring• Firmware and hardware faults will generate email notification• 5220 Power Manager IO names displayed in configuration screen• Optimized webpage for current releases of commonly used web browsers• Added displaying of Group G P/N to About Screen and over communication• Added counters for system restart and total IP connections to About Screen and initialization email• Added SNMP parameters for 5200 SERIES Meter monitoring• Modified displaying of IP address during reset function to properly display default address• Modified ATS position error displaying for better accuracy• Modified DHCP to look at intervals instead of only at initialization• Modified displaying of nominal current when Group 5 controller status is configured as bypass• Reduced noise interference to APAC• Optimized system to handle ASCOBus / Modbus clients on slow networks• Optimized displaying of events over ASCOBus when 128-Bit encryption is used• Improved handling of the DPM write errors from name and location parameter







987204-022.ASCO (.asco) 960.3 kb

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