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v9.50 - 18th January 2021- Add support for software power limit.- Add 3020 load bank 150kW 400v support.v9.40 - 26th Aug 2020 - ignore fan overload until startup delay complete. - fan phase checks moved to after tri voltage checks.v9.30 - 9th June 2020- fix single phase detection during fan auto test.- fix auto working voltage support when using single phase.- Add auto working voltage support.v9.24 - 25th March 2020- Fix 3 phase fan auto test issue when no bus voltage present.v9.23 - 30th Jan 2020- 3 phase fan direction test time reduced.v9.22 - 14th Oct 2019 - Support Network Info broadcast. Requires Gateway min v4.02.v9.21 - 24th Sept 2019 - improve air flow fail detection.v9.20 - 6th Sept 2019 - extend air flow fail ignore time period.v9.19 - 1st July 2019 - add Avtron LPH1000 480/240v support.v9.18 - 16th May 2019 - add thermocouple start-up delay for >=700kW Avtron load banks.v9.17 - 27th Feb 2019 - add Froment 3040 support. - use consistent single phase over voltage limits.v9.16 - 18th Jan 2019 - Do not check air flow if no bus voltage present.v9.15 - 19th Dec 2018 - add Avtron LPH2000 480/240v support. - Fix LED display issue on LPH100 300v (#2275). - Fix Switch selection issue on LPH100 300v (#2277).v9.14 - 13th Sep 2018 - fix issue with latch LE3 and fan stopping.v9.13 - 20th Jul 2018 - add Avtron LPH2500 480v support. - add Avtron LPH2505 480v support.v9.12 - 17th Jul 2018 - add fan test fail event. - no comms timeout when in local mode or load not active. - increase LPH265 fan timeout to 60secs. - remove RL30 prime power relay support. - add Avtron LPH1250 480/240v support. - fix display issue due to scaling.







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