Power Reliability – The Value of Power Control Systems and Paralleling Generators

Engineers checking the power control system

The growing importance of power reliability has led a significant number of facilities to install multiple generators to meet their requirements for emergency/backup power. For facility executives who manage more than one generator, it’s worthwhile to evaluate the option of using a power control system to parallel generators.

“Depending on your application, power interruptions can impact productivity, public perception, revenue streams, loss of work, and loss of product,” says Steve Smith, Director of the Physical IT Network for Arvest Bank Operations. “Paralleling allows you to proactively operate and maintain systems while supporting to the overall business throughput and helping to lower utility expenses.”


Power reliability once concerned mostly mission critical operations, such as hospitals, financial institutions and data centers. Today power reliability is becoming increasingly important for educational campuses, government facilities, and commercial offices.

One reason for rising concern is the steady increase in natural disasters such as tornados and hurricanes. “Recent storms have disrupted electrical power for several days or more,” notes Andrew Hay, Infrastructure Electrical Engineering Manager at RMF