Power Management Systems - Part 1

In 2018, Building Operating Management Magazine surveyed its readership regarding perceptions and knowledge of internet-enabled power management systems. The first of a two-part series, this document summarizes reader responses and attitudes about modern power management systems and their role in critical power. Part 2 will explain how power management systems and their communication networks provide added value to building owners and operators.


With the growing demand for emergency power in many buildings, and the increasing priority placed on energy efficiency, power management systems are a logical option for facility managers to consider. Many facility executives are already aware of the benefits of power management systems, and believe that expanded power management capabilities would benefit both emergency and non-emergency power systems, according to a survey by ASCO and Building Operating Management (BOM) magazine. While obstacles to greater use of power management systems remain — notably, the challenge of justifying the cost — some facility executives have identified strategies to overcome those hurdles.