ASCO 8000 SERIES Load Banks

Offers Rugged Self Contained Models for Space-Limited Applications

Our medium voltage container offerings enable innovative, non-unity, resistive-reactive testing solutions in space-limited applications.

John Dutch
ASCO Container Specialist


Robust containerised construction provides unrivalled reliability in tough climatic conditions

SIGMA provides best-in-class control with high level instrumentation, load control and data acquisition

Connect to an external transformer for medium and high voltage testing

load bank, avtron, 5000 series

ASCO High-Capacity Containerized Load Banks
Offer Flexibility and Portability

The 8000 SERIES are ASCO’s largest models and are housed in 10-foot and 20-foot ISO 6346 steel shipping container. The 8000 SERIES is available in capacities from 3300 to 6250kVA across a wide range of voltages.  Read full news release here. 


Product Overview Video

ASCO® 8000 SERIES load banks are either resistive only or combined resistive/inductive units for testing power supplies at unity or non-unity power factor.


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