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 ASCO 7000 SERIES Specifications and Withstand and Closing Ratings
7ATS Automatic Transfer Switch (Pub 3193R7) ATS Word Document ATS PDF File Download
7ATB Automatic Transfer Switch (PUB 3196R7) ATB Word Document ATB PDF File Download
7ACTS Automatic Transfer Switch (Pub 3194R7) ACTS Word Document
ACTS PDF File Download
7ACTB Automatic Transfer Switch (3197R8) ACTB Word Document
ACTB PDF File Download
7ADTS Automatic Transfer Switch (Pub 3195R7) ADTS Word Document ADTS PDF File Download
7ADTB Automatic Transfer Switch (Pub 3198R7) ADTB Word Document ADTB PDF File Download


 ASCO 7000 SERIES Service Entrance Specifications
7AUS Automatic Transfer Switch (Pub 3171R4)
AUS Word Document
AUS PDF File Download
7AUB Automatic Transfer & Bypass-Isolation Switch (Pub 3172R4)
AUB Word Document
AUB PDF File Download
7ACUS Automatic Closed-Transition Transfer Switch (Pub 3173R5)
ACUS Word Document
ACUS PDF File Download
7ACUB Automatic Closed-Transition Transfer & Bypass-Isolation Switch (Pub 3174R5)
ACUB Word Document
ACUB PDF File Download
7ADUS Automatic Delayed-Transition Transfer Switch (Pub 3175R4)
ADUS Word Document
ADUS PDF File Download
7ADUB Automatic Delayed-Transition Transfer & Bypass-Isolation Switch (Pub 3176R4)
ADUB Word Document
ADUB PDF File Download


 ASCO 4000 SERIES Specifications    

Automatic Transfer Switch (Pub 2016R1)

ATS - MS Word Document

ATS PDF File Download


Automatic Closed-Transition Transfer Switch (Pub 2017R2)

ACTS - MS Word Document

ACTS PDF File Download


Automatic Delayed-Transition Transfer Switch (Pub 2018R1)

ADTS - MS Word Document

ADTS PDF File Download


 ASCO SERIES 300 Group G Specifications  
3ATS SERIES 300 Automatic Transfer Switches (Pub 3090R11)
ATS Word Document 
ATS PDF File Download
3NTS SERIES 300 Non - Automatic Transfer Switches (Pub 3092R7)
NTS Word Document 
NTS PDF File Download
3ADTS SERIES 300 Automatic Delayed - Transition Transfer Switches (Pub 3250R3)
ADTS Word Document 
ADTS PDF File Download
3NDTS SERIES 300 Non – Automatic Delayed - Transition Transfer Switches (Pub 3251R3)
NDTS Word Document 
NDTS PDF File Download
3AUS SERIES 300 Automatic Service Entrance Transfer Switch (Pub 3091R5)
AUS Word Document 
AUS PDF File Download


 ASCO SERIES 300 Manual Transfer Switch
3MTS SERIES 300 Manual Transfer Switch (Pub 2037)
MTS Word Document 
MTS PDF File Download

SERIES 300 Manual Service Entrance Transfer Switch (Pub 2038)
MUS Word Document 
MUS PDF File Download


 ASCO 7000 SERIES Medium Voltage Transfer Switch Specifications
MVATS Medium Voltage Automatic Transfer Switch MV-ATS Specification.doc
DTTS Automatic Transfer Switch (PUB 3196R7) DTTS Specification.doc
CTTS Automatic Transfer Switch (Pub 3194R7) CTTS Specification.doc


 ASCO Low and Medium-Voltage Switchgear Specifications
7000 PCS 7000 SERIES Low-Voltage Switchgear 7000 SERIES LV Specification.doc
7000 PCS 7000 SERIES Medium-Voltage Switchgear 7000 SERIES MV Specification.doc
4000 PCS 4000 SERIES Generator Paralleling Switchgear 4000 SERIES Specification.doc
300 PCS SERIES 300 Generator Paralleling Switchgear SERIES 300 Specification.doc